# Abstracted Firebase

Abstracting Firebase's SDK's for both client and admin applications

# Installing

If you're using npm:

# Client SDK
npm install --save-dev abstracted-client
# Admin SDK
npm install --save-dev abstracted-admin

If you're using yarn ... I think you can figure it out.

# What is Abstracted Firebase?

Firebase is an awesome database for getting start fast and can be an awesome database for big projects too. The API is decently documented and the API is "ok" but I continually found myself wrapping little convenience methods around it.

For instance, whether it's reacting to events from the on() or getting back one-off's from once() I don't really want the "snapshot" I want the key and value. Also if what I'm pulling down is a list of things I'd rather it come back to as an JS array of things.

// Connect to a DB
import DB from 'abstracted-admin';
const db = await DB.connect(config);
// Get a record from DB (with typescript typings)
const user = await db.getValue<User>('users/1234');
// Get a list of records
const user = await db.getList<User[]>('users');

There are many more examples in these docs but this section is meant to let you quickly qualify if you give a shit about this package. So in general this library is meant to:

  • Provide a set of simplifications for people use the Firebase SDK regularly
  • It is lightweight and will not interfere with you using the SDK in any way if you want to drop back to the SDK
  • Because this author also created a little mocking library (firemock), it is meant to play nicely with firemock when you want to use it.
  • This library also plays a foundational role in connecting to Firebase for the firemodel
  • You can use this abstraction with both the Firebase Client SDK and the Admin SDK

# Abstracted What?

When I first wrote this wrapper I was focusing almost entirely on the backend and therefore the Admin SDK. When I started switching to the frontend I realized I'd missed a trick. In order to not manage to code bases I create the following micro-architecture:


In essence the vast majority of the code is in abstracted-firebase but if you're just consuming this library you should just choose between the admin and client SDK's by choosing between the abstracted-admin and abstracted-client libraries repectively.