# Write Operations

All of the write operations are effectively just simple shorthands that allow for passing in a path and then executing one of the following Firebase commands:

  • push
  • set
  • update
  • remove

# push( obj )

So, for instance, the push method would be used like so:

const db = new DB();
await db.push('/users', newUser);

Which is effectively no different than using the base Firebase API to do the following:

const db = firebase.database();

Of course because the library is using Typescript and the write operations are all Generic Types we can be more explicit about the data we're setting:

interface INameAndAge {
  name: string;
  age: number;
const db = firebase.database();
db.push < INameAndAge > ("/users", newUser);

Now the type of the data you writing will be type-checked statically.